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Swift NSColor RGB
Swift NSColor HSB
Swift NSColor Calibrated RGB
Swift NSColor Calibrated HSB
Swift NSColor sRGB
Swift UIColor RGB
Swift UIColor HSB
Obj-C NSColor Calibrated RGB
Obj-C UIColor RGB
.net RGB
.net ARGB
java RGB
java RGBA
Android RGB
Android ARGB



The best color picker in the universe!

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Built for Speed

ColorSlurp lets you work fast! Set custom shortcuts to show the magnifier or picker. Import and export from any format and edit colors with ease. All from the menu bar or a separate window.


Import / Export

Fast Workflow

A Magnifier worth every Pixel

Pick a color and it will automatically be copied to the main format. Need to copy to something else? Just hold command and select the exact format you want!

Slurp colors in, Spit them out

Copy any color format into your clipboard and ColorSlurp will import it with a click. Or, just paste it in!

Mac Pro with TouchBar

Touch Bar Enabled

Access your saved or recent colors, show the magnifier, or edit colors. Just a touch away!

ColorSlurp PRO

18 Color Formats

Advanced Settings

Recent Colors

Dark Theme


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