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Powerful Features to Boost Your Productivity

ColorSlurp is the ultimate color productivity booster for developers or designers. Pick colors from anywhere on your screen with the magnifier. Create and edit colors using a variety of color selection tools. Copy and import colors into ColorSlurp in any format with one click.

Pick a Color. Any Color

Pick colors from anywhere on your screen with the magnifier. Move the magnifier with the arrow keys or hold shift to slow its movement for pixel perfect precision.

Slurp colors in, Spit them out


Copy colors to one of the many color formats to choose from to use in your project.


Copy a color to the clipboard and paste it into ColorSlurp. This allows you to convert between formats or edit colors with ease.

Organize Your Colors

Save your favorite colors for later use with the saved colors.

Find the Perfect Color

Quickly edit, create, or access your recent colors with ColorSlurp's powerful color editing tools.

Touch Bar

Access your saved or recent colors, show the magnifier, or edit colors. All a touch away!

ColorSlurp PRO

Go PRO with these premium features

Dark Theme

Because it's cool.

20 Color Formats

Copy to any major color format.

Recent Colors

Access your recently picked colors.

Advanced Settings

Change the displayed value in the magnifier and more!

ColorSlurp pro UI with dark theme.
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