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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose a different default color format?

Yes you can! You can choose the default color format, along with two other preferred formats in ColorSlurp's preferences.

Why does a color change when using the CMYK sliders?

RGB and CMYK are two different ways of representing colors, and each has a different gamut (or range) of colors they support. CMYK supports fewer colors than RGB. This means that an RGB color can't always be represented in CMYK because the color is not within the CMYK gamut's range of values.

Why do picked colors not always match the original?

Most likely it's a color profile mismatch. Click here for more information.

I found a bug! How do I report it?

Contact Us!

I love ColorSlurp! What should I do?

Write a review on the App Store! We appreciate you helping get the word out!