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The best Mac colorpicker in the universe!

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Everything You Need For Maximum Productivity

ColorSlurp is the ultimate color tool for developers and designers. Pick any color on your screen using the high-precision magnifier. Create and edit colors using advanced selection and editing tools. Organize colors into palettes. Check color contrast for perfect accessibility. Create your own custom color formats. Export, sync with iCloud, and more!

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Pick a Color, Any Color

The precision magnifier lets you pick any color on your screen.

Move the magnifier with your cursor, the arrow keys, or long-press to slow its movement for pixel-perfect precision. Then copy the color to any format with one click.

Color dropper magnifier
Color Formats

Slurp Colors in, Spit them out

One-click copies a color to any format for any language. You can even create your own custom formats!
Paste a color directly into ColorSlurp from the clipboard to quickly edit it.


NSColor(red: 0.968, green: 0.242, blue: 0.389, alpha: 1.0)
ColorSlurp palettes user interface

Organize Your Colors
Use Them Anywhere

Name and organize your colors into palettes.

Export colors to different languages—PDF, CSS, Sass, Swift, HTML, JSON, .clr, and more!

Sync your palettes between all your Macs, and iOS with iCloud.

Contrast Checker

Check Color Accessibility

ColorSlurp lets you instantly check the contrast between two colors.

Creating accessible designs has never been easier!

ColorSlurp color contrast checker
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Choose recent colors, show the magnifier, or edit colors.
One-touch away!

ColorSlurp's Apple TouchBar

The best Mac color
picker in the universe!

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Over 3,500 five star ratings on the App Store!

  • Exactly what I needed, I use it ALL the time now. Added bonus is watching people react to the slurp sound effect.
  • You couldn't ask for more than this. It works without a fault every time and can be used to sample colours from anywhere on this screen even from open apps.
  • It's super easy to use, minimal interface with everything that I need to quickly find and fine tune colors.
  • ColorSlurp is the single best colour utility app. It provides 100% of the functionality any developer/designer needs to create their own palettes, and quickly apply them to whichever application they are using.
  • To be able to create palettes and group colors based on projects is worth its weight in gold!
  • Love the keyboard shortcut to get the color value to paste into my code or design apps. Enjoy the way I can create different palettes - by a palette name or for a project. Highly recommend this app!
  • Whoever chose the slurp sound is a genius and makes my life so much happier!
  • As someone just learning graphics design, ColorSlurp is a tremendous help in deciding color palettes for client projects. Love, love it!
  • This is definitely the best color picking app I have ever used. Since you can get the color in different formats (rgb, hsb, hex, etc.), which is awesome when you are programming in multible lenguages.
  • Very simple but perfect tool. I can't imagine working without it on daily basis.
  • High speed and lightweight, ColorSlurp definitely shortens the workflow. It is, IMO, an essential tool for a graphic designer. Until I found this app, I was doing color picking by using screenshots, which is totally unneccesary now.
  • Simple, customizable shortcuts, awesome sound effects, auto-copy to clipboard, a great little tool. Thank you, IdeaPunch!
  • I was completely blown away by the design and simplicty of the app. It’s definitely an apple-like design. The shortcuts make it easy to integrate into any text editor workflow.
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