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Pick any color on your screen using the high-precision magnifier. Create and organize palettes with advanced color editing tools. Check color contrast, use the color wheel, or pick colors with your camera. Export, sync, and tons more!

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Pick a Color, Any Color

The precision magnifier lets you pick any color on your screen.

Move the magnifier with your cursor, the arrow keys, or long-press to slow its movement for pixel-perfect precision. Then copy the color to any format with one click.

Change the magnifier's size and zoom to view objects up close, and pick multiple colors at once.

Color dropper magnifier
Color dropper magnifier

Color Formats

Slurp Colors in, Spit them out

One-click copies a color to any format for any language. You can even create your own custom formats!
Paste a color directly into ColorSlurp from the clipboard to quickly edit it.

Custom Format


Palette Manager

Organize Your Colors Use Them Anywhere

ColorSlurp makes it a breeze to create and save your color palettes. Name colors and add them to palettes, create projects, and sync them across all your devices.

Export color palettes to different formats: Images, PDF, CSS, Sass, Swift, HTML, JSON, .clr, and more!

Sync your palettes between all your devices with real-time sync.

ColorSlurp color palette editor

Palette Generator

Create Color Palettes From Your Images

Create beautiful color palettes automatically from your photos or images.

Need more inspiration? Browse curated color palettes directly in the app.

Image Color Palette Generator

Color Contrast Checker

Fix Color Accessibility
in a Snap

Instantly check the contrast of two colors in your designs to meet web standards such as WCAG, APCA, and more.

One-click fix contrast issues with the background, foreground, or both evenly.

ColorSlurp color contrast checker

Camera Color Picker

Transform Your Environment Into Color Palettes

iPhone Camera Color Picker

Effortlessly create stunning palettes just by pointing your camera on iOS. ColorSlurp automatically finds the dominant colors, or you can choose an exact color too.

The Best Color Picker for Mac, and iOS!

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Over 10,000 five star ratings on the App Store!

  • I have been using ColorSlurp for a couple of years now. It is simply a wonderful tool. It does exactly what is stated and never fails.
  • This is one of the best color pickers I've ever used and love how customizable it is with custom keybindings.
  • As Web Developer and Graphic Designer I find myself using ColorSlurp almost daily. It's very user friendly and the color picker tool is very accurate for finding hex values.
  • If you're either a designer or a nerd who likes to know what is the HSB value of a specific color on your screen, this is the app for you. It even makes a slurping sound when you pick a color!
  • It's so intuitive and quick. There are the minimum number of steps from picking a color to getting a hex value. Simple and elegant
  • I have tried many color pickers, but by far this is the best, comprehensive color information options and extremely easy to use. Did I mention the funny slurp sound?! 5 Stars
  • Intelligent. It 'just works' as if someone who designed the app was a graphic designer. I've used (and paid) for a other systems before, but this is my go-to, savvy'n solid color app, and, it's updated on-goingly.
  • I've tried a few color pickers, but ColorSlurp is hands-down one of the best ones I've tried. I love that I can create color palettes which can now be synced between my desktop and laptop using iCloud.
  • Great amount of customization without being cluttered and over complicated. I've been using ColorSlurp for years now, and the paid upgrade to Pro was well worth it. Thank you!
  • I've used the built in Digital Color Meter for so many years but have always found its lack of hex codes frustrating. This makes pulling colors from an image or website so much easier.
  • I have never used a tool more intuitive than this one. Everything just makes sense. Seriously, hands down one of the best apps I've ever purchased.