32 Green Color Palette Ideas

Explore these vibrant green color palette ideas for your next project!

2 min read/Dec 15, 2023
32 Green Color Palette Ideas and Inspiration

One of the most common and beautiful colors seen on Earth is green. From the shades of dark forests or the vibrant green found in plant wildlife, the color green will bring you back to nature.

Here are 32 green color palettes for your inspiration!

Tip: Click on any of the colors to copy their hex code!

Forest Green Color Palettes

Exploring the allure of forest green color palettes is like stepping into a tranquil woodland oasis. The deep, rich hues of forest green evoke a sense of calm and connection with nature. From lush emerald accents to muted sage tones, the versatility of forest green color palettes allows for endless possibilities!

Mossy Retreat

Enchanted Forest

Olive Oasis

Pine Grove Elegance

Meadow Dreams

Blue Green Color Palette

These blue-green color palettes blend the calming essence of blue with the vibrancy of green, creating a wonderful aesthetic. These hues create a sense of tranquility and serenity, while also evoking a sense of energy.

Minty Lagoon Escape

Turquoise Tranquility

Aqua Marine Bliss

Cerulean Zen Retreat

Aqua Forest Land

Pastel Green Color Palettes

Pale green colors introduce a breath of fresh air into any space, emanating a soft and soothing ambiance. Which muted green palette do you like?

Soft Fern Dreams

Whispering Meadows

Soothing Pistachio Oasis

Misty Mint Reverie

Pale Jade Harmony

Ethereal Sage Retreat

Light Green Color Palettes

Need something bright and vibrant such as lime or mint shades? Try these light green colors and contrast them with dark green if you want to give a dramatic touch.


Minty Excellence

Vibrant Mint

Baby Lime

Green Reef

Vibrant Green Color Palettes

Vibrant green color palettes infuse energy and life, radiating a lively feeling. From electric lime to bold emeralds, these green hues captivate attention. If you're seeking a bold statement, these vibrant green palettes are for you!

Radiant Lime

Enchanting Eucalyptus

Vivid Verdant

Spirited Spinach

Verde Eucalyptus

Dark Green Color Palettes

Symbolizing growth, balance, and a connection to the earth, dark green color palettes are one with nature.

Shadowed Sage

Obsidian Olive

Enigmatic Evergreen

Midnight Eucalyptus

Enchanting Ivy

Deep Emerald Dream

Green Color Harmonies

Try out these green color harmonies to create a unique contrast:


Green Shades & Tints

Green Tints




Split Complement