36 Purple Color Palette Ideas

Explore these captivating purple color palette ideas and find inspiration for your next project.

2 min read/Aug 8, 2023
36 Purple Color Palette Ideas and Inspiration

In the world of colors, few hues carry the captivating charm and allure quite like purple. Whether it's the regal purples of royalty, or the softer shades found in flowers and nature, the color purple is sure to make a bold statement.

Here are 36 purple color palettes for your inspiration!

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Light Purple Palettes

These beautiful palettes have delicate shades of lavender, lilac, and soft colors that come together to create a beautiful combination!

Mystic Indigo Medley

Twilight Enchantment

Postage Purple

Pastel Passion Harmony

Enchanted Orchid Symphony

Lavender Dream

Dramatic Dark Purple Palettes

Bold statement? Check. These intense shades of deep plum, majestic eggplant, and rich aubergine evoke a sense of mystery and sophistication. Pair these dark purples with touches of gold or silver for a regal touch, or contrast them with vibrant emerald greens and royal blues for an eye-catching pop.

Enigmatic Elegance

Midnight Passion

Twilight Reverie

Regal Nightshade

Shadowed Constellations

Purple Pastel Palettes

Here's some beautiful soft pastels that a sure to delight! Explore the gentle side of purple, with shades ranging from lilac to pale lavender.

Lilac Dreams

Sunset Serenity

Meadow Whispers

Tranquil Tides

Cotton Candy Skies

Royal Purple Color Palettes

Long considered a color for royalty, these palettes feature deep shades of regal purple, with accents of gold, emerald green, and blue.

Majestic Elegance

Enchanted Emerald Garden

Sovereign Regalia

Gilded Monarchy

Royal Twilight

Purple and Blue Palettes

These palettes offer a delightful blend of serene blues and purples. Blue, often associated with tranquility, pairs seamlessly with purple's artistic flair to evoke a sense of calm inspiration.

Serene Skies

Twilight Blue

Oceanic Dreams

Azure Radiance

Nautical Waves

Purple and Green Palettes

Purple and green create a truly eye-catching vibrant combination. The striking contrast can infuse your designs with energy and depth.

Botanical Harmony

Neon Twilight

Enchanted Seaside

Mystic Forest

Whimsical Blossoms

Purple Sunset Palettes

These palettes capture the moment when the sun bids adieu, casting a wonderful ambiance.

Tranquil Twilight

Evening Glow

Twilight Serenity

Sunset Serenity

Luminous Twilight

Purple Color Harmonies

Experiment with analogous harmonies by blending purples with blues and pinks, or for a striking contrast, consider complementary harmonies by pairing purples with shades of yellow or green!


Purple Shades & Tints

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