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What's New


  • Export collections to PDF
  • Export and import collections to .clr (Apple color list) files
  • Export collections to png images
  • Added the ability to create a new collection from the main picker tab dropdown
  • Fixed a bug where unlocking pro would not immediately update the UI


  • Added individual hex color template variables: hex.r, hex.g, hex.b, and hex.a
  • Fixed a bug where the color editor popover would show white instead of the actual color


  • Fixed a bug where having the system setting "Increase contrast" would break the UI
  • Added a global shortcut to show the editor, contrast checker, or collection tab
  • The RGB fields now show 255 values
  • You can right click on the menubar icon again to show the magnifier
  • Pressing escape when naming a collection now discards the edited name instead of saving it
  • Fixed inconsistant button colors
  • Fix bug where clicking save wouldn't save the color name if the input is still focused
  • You can now drag recent colors out of the app when you own pro
  • Fix bug where the copy notification wouldn't appear if only the dock icon is shown
  • Double clicking the color contrast forground and background well will now copy it to your default color format.


Introducing ColorSlurp 3! Our biggest update yet, with amazing new features!

  • Sync your collections between all your Macs with iCloud!
  • Name colors and drag them between collections with the new collection editor page. Organizing your colors has never been easier!
  • Instantly check the accessibility contrast between two colors with the new contrast checker!
  • Added a color harmonies tab to the swatches picker. View shades, tints, triadic, tetradic, analogous, split complement, matched - no opacity, and complementary.
  • Export collections to different languages—CSS, Sass, Swift, HTML, JSON, and more!
  • Create custom color formats in ColorSlurp's preferences that can be used just like any other format.
  • New menu bar menu. Access recent colors, show the magnifier, ColorSlurp, or preferences.
  • You can now long mouse press in the magnifier for precision mode
  • New app icon that matches the new Big Sur icons
  • New UI design and icons


  • Moved the "stay on top" option to the menu bar and added a preference for it.
  • Added the magnifier size and zoom setting to the preferences
  • Added the ability to show HSL in the magnifier
  • Dark mode is now free!
  • Changed the dark mode toggle to automatic/dark/light
  • The "displayed value in magnifier", and "color profile" settings are now free!
  • Removed NSColor formats: Calibrated RGB, calibrated HSB, sRGB. Don't worry, if you still want to use those formats you can create a custom format! If you happen to have chosen them as your preferred format, a custom format will be created automatically to replace it.
  • For simplicity, the touch bar now only shows recent colors


  • ColorSlurp runs fantastic on Big Sur and Apple Silicon!
  • Fixed a small lag when picking or copying colors
  • Fixed the ColorSlurp item in the window menu
  • Fixed a crash on Big Sur
  • Many other small fixes, tweaks, and improvements

We also have created new documentation on how to use ColorSlurp at

Happy slurping!


  • Colors are now automatically copied to the clipboard when selecting them in the touch bar.
  • When using the magnifier, ColorSlurp now asks for you to enable screen recording on Catalina when it's not enabled.


  • Added two new color formats! HEXA (hex with alpha) and the new SwiftUI Color format.
  • You can now choose to display HSB values in the magnifier.
  • Fixed a bug where pasting a color into Xcode 11 converts it into a color literal.
  • Catalina bug fixes.


  • Bug Fixes


  • Added CMYK sliders.
  • The height of ColorSlurp’s window can now be changed.
  • You can now change the collection color size in the preferences.
  • Bug fixes.


Welcome to ColorSlurp 2.0!

  • Collections! - Organize your colors into collections!
  • Swatches! - Quickly grab a predefined color from the swatches.
  • New improved magnifier with animations.
  • New App Icon
  • You can now show ColorSlurp’s icon in the dock, menubar, or both.
  • Dark Theme. Now 25% more dark!
  • Moved the recent colors from the bottom of the picker to the swatches.
  • Many other small changes and improvements.


  • New hue color selection box!
  • Magnifier precision mode now has an icon then holding shift.
  • Added animations to the saved colors when selecting them.
  • Small UI tweaks



  • Precision Magnifier Selection! Hold shift when picking a color for ultra-accurate selection!
  • Added “Clear” and “Clear All” context menu options to the saved colors.


  • The recent colors are now smaller and can be collapsed by clicking on the recent colors text (pro only).
  • The picker options and color copy menus now match the theme.
  • Holding option when picking a color will add it to ColorSlurp but not copy it to the clipboard.
  • When set to automatically open at login, ColorSlurp will launch with the window hidden.
  • Easter Egg Added :}
  • Many small UI improvements and bug fixes to make ColorSlurp even better!


  • New global shortcut that copies to the last copied color and format: Shift + Command + C
  • Double-clicking on a saved/recent color will copy it to the main format.
  • Default shortcuts. All editable shortcuts will now have a default shortcut if not already changed.
  • The magnifier outline now matches the theme of the app.

Minor improvements and bug fixes


  • Copy notification. Shows a notification below the menu item with the copied color and format.
  • Copy notification sound. Plays a sound when copying a color. You can change the sound or turn it off.
  • Right click on the menu item to show the magnifier.
  • You can now adjust the magnifier’s size and zoom with the scroll wheel. Scroll to change the size. Hold option while scrolling to change the zoom.
  • Support for multiple displays.


First Release!

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