Save colors into color palettes to name and organize them. You can sync your palettes with iCloud across Mac and iOS, and export them to different file types or languages!

Editing Palettes

The palettes tab is where you can name, reorder and edit colors and palettes. View the palette tab by clicking the icon in ColorSlurp's toolbar:

Palettes tab icon

You can reorder palettes by clicking and dragging the arrow button on each palette. Right-clicking on a palette will give you the option to rename, duplicate, edit, or export it.

The individual colors of each palette can also be reordered by dragging and dropping, or dragged to other palettes.

Palettes organizer

Editing a Palettes Colors

Clicking anywhere on a palette will open the palette editor. From there you can organize and edit the colors in the palette. Double-click on a color to edit and rename it, or select colors to drag and drop or delete them:

Editing a color

Exporting palettes

ColorSlurp lets you export palettes to different file types or languages, including JSON, CSS, PDF, ASE, and more!

To export a palette, click the three dots in the palette editor and choose export, or right-click on the palette and choose export.

Export palette menu option

You can then choose which format to export your palette as in the dropdown. You'll see a like preview of what the export will look like, and you can even select and copy the text directly from the preview so you don't have to export it as a file!

Export palette page

This is the list of available export formats:

  • ColorSlurp Collection ColorSlurp's native format (.cscollection)
  • Plain Text Plain text output of each color's hex and rgb values
  • .clr Apple color list
  • .ase Adobe swatch exchange
  • .pdf A PDF file with the palette's colors
  • .png An image of the palette's colors with their names
  • Wallpaper Create an iPhone wallpaper to showcase your palette!
  • Swift UIColor Export a palette for use in UIKIt.
  • Swift NSColor Export a palette for use in Cocoa.
  • Swift SwiftUI Color Export a palette for use in SwiftUI.
  • HTML Export a webpage with the palette's colors.
  • JSON Export as a json file.
  • CSS Export as CSS variables.
  • sass Export as sass variables.
  • scss Export as scss variables.
  • less Export as less css variables.
  • XML Color Resource for use in Android development.
  • Compose colors Use your palettes with Jetpack Compose

Importing palettes

You can import palettes to ColorSlurp using the following supported formats:

  • .cscollection ColorSlurp's native format
  • .clr Apple color list
  • .ase Adobe swatch exchange

Click File > Import palettes, and choose one or more files you'd like to import.

Syncing with iCloud

To sync your palettes with iCloud, check the "Sync palettes with iCloud" checkbox in ColorSlurp's general preferences on Mac and iOS. Once enabled, ColorSlurp will automatically sync your palettes between all of your devices.

Sync with iCloud on/off

Troubleshooting iCloud Sync

If you're having trouble syncing your palettes with iCloud, you can try the following:

  • Syncing on Mac and iOS requires ColorSlurp PRO, so make sure it shows as purchased in ColorSlurp's preferences on both devices.
  • Turn on iCloud sync in ColorSlurp's settings/preference. Go to: ColorSlurp > Settings > General > "Sync Collections with iCloud".
  • Make sure you're signed in with the same iCloud account across Mac and iOS.
  • Quit and relaunch both apps, then allow a minute or two for them to update. (Occasionally iCloud sync can be slow).
  • Try restarting your Mac/iPhone.
  • Also check out this support article from Apple: Troubleshooting iCloud Sync on iOS

If you're still having issues, contact us from our support page