Swatches & Color Harmonies

The swathes panel lets you find beautiful color harmonies, recent colors, or a predefined color lickety-split.

To show the swatches panel, click the swatches icon in the editing controls:

Swatches icon


The harmonies tab displays colors that are related to the currently selected color.


Here's how each harmony works:


A shaded color adds black to the original color, making it darker and more saturated.


A tinted color adds white to the original color, making it lighter and less saturated.


The triadic colors are created by evenly spacing three colors in a triangle on a color wheel, with one of the colors being the original.


Tetradic colors are two sets of complementary pairs that are opposite of each other on a color wheel.


An analogous color is created by getting two colors on either side of the original color on a color wheel.

Split Complement

The two colors adjacent to the original color's complement.


A complementary color has an opposite hue of the original color.

Matched - No Opacity

Removes the opacity from the color while keeping the same shade against a white or black background.

Recent Colors

The recent colors tab shows recently picked colors and the current color (if any) in your clipboard.



Grab a predefined color from the beautiful Open Color Palette.