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ColorSlurp's magnifier lets you pick colors from anywhere on your display.

Picking colors

To pick a color, click the dropper button at the top of ColorSlurp's window. Move the magnifier with your mouse until you find your desired color, then click to select it.

Show magnifier button Show magnifier button

You can also set a global shortcut to show the magnifier. See the shortcuts page for more info.

Choosing a different format to copy to

Normally the magnifier copies the selected color to your default color format. However, if you need to copy it to a different format, hold command while picking the color, or right-click instead of left-clicking. This will show all the available copy formats.

Precision mode

Precision mode slows down the speed of the magnifier, making color selection more precise. This is especially useful if your mouse speed is fairly fast.

To enable precision mode, long press with your mouse (click and hold). You can also hold shift while picking colors too!

Changing the size and zoom

Change the size of the magnifier by scrolling up and down, or by using the plus and minus keys on your keyboard.

Change the zoom of the magnifier by holding option while scrolling, or using the [ and ] keys on your keyboard.

Magnifier size and zoom

Picking colors from full-screen apps

Due to limitations of Mac OS, the magnifier can't pick colors from full-screen apps when the dock icon is shown.

To pick colors from fullscreen apps, set the ColorSlurp preference "Show App Icon In:" to "Menu Bar Only". This will allow using the magnifier in full-screen mode.

Enabling screen recording

In order for ColorSlurp's magnifier to work, you must enable screen recording in your system preferences.

ColorSlurp does not store any screen recording data. It only displays it within the magnifier so that pixels on your screen can be zoomed in and picked. You can read our privacy policy here.

To allow screen recording, go to:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording

Then click the checkbox for ColorSlurp.

Screen recording system preferences
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